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We Have a Date

Hershey emailed this morning and gave me the date that Ethan will start at the feeding clinic–August 16th. We’ll have five days that week and four the next (missing Friday due to the triplet’s 9yr check up).

I’m happy to have a date, finally, but starting to get a tiny bit overwhelmed at school starting in five weeks and being gone pretty much all of the two right before it starts. I’m opting to try and drive up and back each day instead of staying at the Ronald McDonald house. I just don’t want to be away that long–10 hours is enough each day, thankyouverymuch.

In construction news, we painted and put flooring down in the mud and laundry rooms. They look very nice, but still need trim and doors and appliances (from the basement). The guys are working on the east wall today–windows and siding. The insulation got blown into the ceiling of the garage. Things are starting to get finished. It’s WONDERFUL!


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