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Progress on the House

This morning the guys (Todd, John and Ron) put up the last of the siding on the front of the house. When I walked down to the car (parked on the street) I marveled at how amazing it looked. The east side and the back weren’t finished, but the front (which is what everyone mostly sees anyway!) looked DONE. And awesome! We went with a grayish tan (more tan than gray) and white windows but no shutters. It’s a very crisp look–very clean lines and just WOW. I love it!

One thing that has been made very clear during this process (and has been teased about) is how concrete I am. I do not have the capacity to imagine how something is going to look…i.e. WALLS…when it isn’t there. I was questioned about where I wanted the wall to go between the mudroom and laundry room. When there was just a floor down. Yeah, good luck with that. Once it was studded I could hazard a guess–with a little help with some more wood. Even then, it wasn’t until the drywall was up that I thought “oh! that looks good!”

Concrete. Literal. Down to earth. Pragmatic. You look those words up in the dictionary and you’ll see something like “adj. describes Tina”


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