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Parenting Challenges

I’m at an interesting point with one of my children. Wait. Let me start this by saying that I unequivocally love my children. All of them. I carried them within my body. Nothing BUT NOTHING could change that.


I just don’t like one of them right now. This child is apparently going through a difficult stage right now, although that stage seems to have started at birth and kept right on going.  This child is dramatic, whiny, complaining….it’s very difficult parenting this child because they aren’t very likable. I just started praying today about this, because it’s actually becoming difficult to be around them (sorry for the plural pronoun, but I don’t even want to give away gender, let alone name) because many of the interactions are negative. MANY, if not most. And I don’t want to dislike my own child.

Please pray, if that’s something you do.

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