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Short Update

Catie is still sick–still throwing up. I’m trying to keep her hydrated (water, popsicles etc) and rested. She was up 6 or so times in the middle of the night, including one changing of the sheets. I’m starting to wonder about dinner because I usually shop on Mondays (or Tuesdays if I can’t on Monday) so I’m starting to run low on things. And Jim is working late.

CONSTRUCTION HAS BEGUN! They are already digging as I type, which is just so cool. I’ve never seen a backhoe this close before. It’s bright orange and HUGE.

One thought on “Short Update

  1. I’m so sorry she’s sick! I hope she doesn’t get dehydrated! And I really hope the bug doesn’t crawl onto someone else in the family. It’s SO hard to keep that from happening. Just said a prayer for your family to have a restful and healing night.

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