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Bug is Sick

Catie has always been “Bug”…when she was a baby she was as cute as a bug so she started out as Catie Bug and then it was just shortened to Bug. It still fits.

We went over Nana’s house visiting and were in the car just saying good bye. She told me her stomach didn’t feel good and I told her to tell Daddy. She got out. A few minutes later I hear the news that she vomited all over. We cleaned up, went home with a bin in her hands and then waited for the long night.

She woke up at 3, again around 4 or so and then again around 6:30.

Yeah. I’m exhausted too.

It’s now about 11:20 and she seems to be past the throwing up stage (thank goodness!), but the fever is still here even after taking Tylenol. This will give her tomorrow at home as well, since the school wants them to be fever free for 24 hours before coming back to school.

So she’ll get to see the big Ground Breaking on the garage and laundry room. I can’t believe it’s finally HERE!

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