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7 Quick Takes Friday

1.  We have hit the countdown! Now that we are under a month, it’s 16 days left of Bennett, Laura and Catie school and 20 left of Ethan’s. Then a week of pure non-fun-ness when they are all home every day getting on each other’s nerves, and then Ethan starts summer school three days per week. Some day I will not dread summer vacation, please tell me, please?

2. Next Tuesday is the 2nd trip to Hershey Feeding Clinic, where I expect to hear we’ll be coming back for two weeks in August. Ethan isn’t fighting eating, but he still isn’t good at it.

3. Our love seat is being delivered tonight and the couch is being taken. (sorry for the passive tense there!) We’re getting them recovered. We REALLY hope we like the new look–it’s rather hard to take a bolt of fabric from a store and picture it on a couch, you know?

4. I thought I was pretty good at looking at labels. Because of my insulin resistance, I’ve been reading labels for a long time now. But a few weeks ago I turned over our bread (Great Value Whole Wheat) to look at the ingredients. #2? High Fructose Corn Syrup. I put it back and picked up another brand. And another and another and another. I’m not exaggerating when I say I looked at easily a half dozen whole wheat breads until I found one that didn’t have HFCS as an ingredient. Stroehman Family Grains is our new bread. Next to go is our pre-chocolated milk. Oh, stop it! We were trying to get Laura to drink milk instead of PediaSure and this was the one thing she would drink. It never occurred to me to check for HFCS. If you are wondering at this sudden interest in getting rid of it, check out Pragmatic Compendium’s funny and informative posts about it (#6 on her list). Oh, and I just checked. Stroehman’s whole wheat bread may be HFCS free, but not their hot dog rolls. It’s the #3 ingredient.

5. In my travels today, I’m getting bloodwork done for thyroid levels. I was on 50 mcg on Levoxyl for YEARS. And then, for whatever reason, it just started to climb. And climb. Today will test whether I can stay on 100 or need to go to 125 mcg.

6. The house next door still hasn’t sold. The grass hasn’t been cut yet. It’s incredibly long and looks very disreputable. I’m sure there’s all sorts of bad things in it–mice, voles, snakes, ticks, fleas….and I’m just as sure that my kitties will love to lounge in it.

7. We’re going tomorrow to the first annual Rainbow Spring Fest at the kids’ elementary school. I’m thinking it’s sort of like a small carnival. The kids are very excited and even I will admit to looking forward to it. I love getting out as a family, especially in a place that we feel comfortable in and I can relax a little about Ethan.

Have a great weekend!

One thought on “7 Quick Takes Friday

  1. If you are okay with using regular sugar, chocolate syrup is remarkably easy to make on your own. You just need cocoa, sugar, vanilla extract, and water. A simple Google search will yield the recipe. We’ve been trying to cut out HFCS at our house as well. It’s irritating how prevalent it has become. I really dislike that it’s in my favorite coffee creamer!

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