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Worship Week 3

Three Sundays ago was my normal “I lead worship once/month” time. Last week my husband had what we think was a case of food poisoning, so I was up again. Today he was paying the price for overwork and exhaustion and yet again I was up. I’ve never led worship three weeks in a row, especially including no notice two of them! Technically speaking, there were a few glitches–botched chords or lost places. Vocally things were fine. Today my normal team members were out, so it was just me and the piano. I can’t believe I’m actually musically at a place where I can do this. I think I’m even a little proud of myself–it’s been a long time coming, spiritually, musically and leadership-quality-wise. Even just general comfort level!

All that said, I REALLY hope Jim is up to it next week!


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