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YouTube Makes Me Nostalgic

When I was younger (as in, WAYYY younger), I was in choir. I sang in elementary school, middle school, high school, college and church. I even sang overseas with American Music Abroad in 1987. Probably my most proud choral moment, though, happened in 1986 when I sang in the “District 12 Chorus” This was 29 of the area high schools–the best of the best. I was an Alto II (that would be VERY low for you non-choral people!).

Being that this was before the digital age, I have a record of the performance. We may or may not have a turntable buried in the basement somewhere, but even so, this record has not been played in at least the last 15 year (since I’ve been married). Who knows what reason the composer of one of the main pieces went through my head tonight while I was shopping on iTunes. Gloria by Poulenc was long, lovely and in Latin. I actually remember a fair amount of it. I even still have the sheet music to it. It in six different parts, all with different tempos, styles, lyrics and emotions. And it’s on YouTube! Not that you’d want to watch the whole thing (unless you are into that kind of thing!), but here’s the first part of it.


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