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Bulk Trash

Twice a year a rather large trash truck pulls around to gather what is nicely called “bulk trash”.  These are items that, for whatever reason, do not fit in a trash bag/can but still need to go to the dump.

Item A: The loveseat in the playroom. When we moved into this house 10 years ago, the previous owner left behind a fair amount of things, a set of living room furniture being one of them. The sofa and chair went years ago to a family, but the loveseat stayed behind and has been beaten, ripped, playdo’d etc to death. It is not worth passing on. It is not worth donating to the Habitat Home Store. It is not worth anything except taking up space in a landfill.

Item B: The “Green Cabinet”. Years ago (and I mean YEARS AGO), Jim’s grandparents lived in a home and enjoyed their lives there. They were thrifty and handy and often Jim’s grandfather would build something instead of buying it. The Green Cabinet is like that. It was made to house a turn table/record player on the top (in a lower section), a VCR in the middle, and a TV inside it’s doors. 1) we don’t use turntables anymore. 2) we use DVD players AND VCR players AND a DirecTV receiver in this house so more room is needed. 3) We need to be able to access the back of the TV to plug in various and sundry handheld plug’n’play games. 4) It’s GREEN and very, very ugly. Could it be handed to someone else? Maybe. Although the multi-leveled top would probably get in the way. People just don’t use turn tables anymore, unless they are DJ’s and then I don’t think a green cabinet would be helpful to them. So into bulk trash it goes.

Halleluia. Now if we could just find a buyer for the Victrola Jim’s stepmom gave us 9 years ago I’d be thrilled. Anyone? Anyone? Buehler?


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