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We Knew it was Coming

Yesterday Bennett got called “gay”. We asked if he knew what that word meant. Everyone at the table piped up “Happy” right away, but then Laura said ‘boys kiss boys and girls kiss girls.” quietly. Part of me REALLY wanted to ignore that she even said it, but then there’s that I need to be a good parent part that wouldn’t let me. So I asked her where she learned it. Of course the answer was “at school.” We let it go then, but Jim and I talked later and yes, we’re going to talk to her about it.

I’ll be honest–I didn’t see this conversation coming up for a few more years. I’m going to skim as much as possible (leaving it at kissing because she doesn’t know about sex yet!). What is this world coming to that an 8 year old has to have homosexuality explained to her!?

2 thoughts on “We Knew it was Coming

  1. yeah. We haven’t talked to my 9 year old about it yet, but she’s in Christian school, so maybe that’s giving me a little bit more time. We’ve had the talk with my son and it was a little more complicated because my sister is married to her partner. It was a looonnnnggg conversation.

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