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7 Quick Takes Friday

1.  I’m writing to you with the beginnings of what is promising to be a not-so-fun day health-wise. My throat is on FIRE and my stomach is not so very happy either. We’re having a notary come at 6pm for signing all sorts of documents. I’m hoping in the next 11 hours that things improve.

2. Yes, a notary. We’re “closing” today. That’s in quotes because we’ve lived in this house for 10 years now, so it’s not like we’re buying a new house. The contractor originally said he would break ground on the addition the 2nd or 3rd week in May. We’re hoping to pin him down to a real date by this weekend.

3. I finally finished working with the client! It worked out to be two months, going over 1-2 days per week (usually 2), working 2-3.5 hours at a time. All totaled, I worked 29 hours there. It seems like much more because we stretched it out, but it was fitting it in around her schedule, my schedule and those crazy snow storms we had in February.

It felt wonderful to have her say “I don’t know that I have anything else we can do!”. We accomplished so much!

4. Ethan’s behavioral therapist was over yesterday. She’s the one that works with us instead of with them. We spoke to her about Bennett and his “quirks” and she agrees something is probably going on. So one of the things on my “to do” list today is to call her agency and set up testing for Bennett. For so long we’ve paid attention to the REALLY LOUD squeaky wheel. Now that he’s getting some oil, we’re having a little time to pay attention to the others, and Bennett’s issues are starting to stand out. We’ll see.

5. Last movie night we watched the Eddie Murphy version of Dr. Doolittle. Um, hello! I’m guessing Hollywood thinks that the “A word” for bottom is now ok for little kids! Yikes! Thankfully it completely sailed over their heads. They still think the “s word” is stupid and the “d word” is dumb! 🙂  I love having innocent kids!

6. Craigslist is awesome. Seriously! If you need something for your home, check it out. I got an ETHAN ALLEN loveseat for…are you ready?… $75!! Now, it stank to high heaven, but we’re having it recovered anyway so it didn’t matter. And it matches the style of our current hand-me-down EA couch (also getting recovered). Jim and I are going out on Monday to pick out the upholstery fabric. Can’t you picture how much fun that’s going to be?! 🙂

7. I just found a podcast series called Cooking in the Dark, where they prove that “you don’t need sight to cook tonight!” I’m listening to it right now. They’re making Kaluha brownies. Um, YUM! You know, I have to say that having a blind son has opened up a whole world of things out there for the visually impaired. It’s amazing. Just google “braille” and see all the stuff that comes up!

I agree with Jennifer–where in the world did April go?


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