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I hate change. Seriously HATE change. Of any kind. It makes me twitchy.

So when Jim suggested a couple of years ago that we do the DVR thing instead of the VCR thing, I rolled my eyes. It came with our DirecTV system, so it was in the house, but I kept using the VCR.


At some point I caved. First it was just the ease of automatically taping every single time a show was on. Now it’s taping shows and watching them at a later, more convenient time, fast forwarding through commercials and boring parts. An average 1 hour program shrinks down to about 35 minutes.  And American Idol? Fugetaboutit! I pause the live show at the beginning, start watching about when it would be 1/2 way through, doing the same fast forward thru commercials or skipping the singers I can’t stand(!), and end up watching the ending about the same time as the rest of America.

So, if you are on the fence about the whole DVR thing, I HIGHLY recommend it!

One thought on “DVR

  1. We LOVE our DVR! We tape almost everything too – no commercials, but when someone wants to watch, sometimes we have a conflict. We fill it up so much we’re thinking about getting another one. But what to tape in which room? (The struggles of middle class – it’s embarrassing to even type that)

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