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The family across the street gardens. Seriously gardens. Their home is beautifully landscaped and they have a three-TIERED vegetable/fruit/herb garden that they toil many an hour away at.

Us? Not so much.

I kept seeing that garden, though, and wanted at least SOMETHING to pick mid-summer, so I phoned my sister and hied myself to Home Depot. This afternoon I:

1. used that long-handled metal rake thingy and got a lot of weeds out of our garden.

2. used the short handled three prong thingy and loosened dirt in two of the four squares in our four square garden (my sister gardens, which is the only reason I can even use “four square garden” in a sentence).

3. planted 6 live lettuces. planted a bunch of lettuce seeds.

4. wet down one of those thingys that you plant seed in to grow before the ground is officially safe to plant in.

5. tore off the netting instead of actually reading the instructions and only tearing back the top of the netting (L on forehead time!)

6. planted a bunch of flat bush beans, cilantro and cucumbers in the peat moss stuff.

Laid down on the floor of the living room and promptly fell asleep. Apparently gardening makes one tired!


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