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7 Quick Takes Friday

Happy Friday everyone! While this is usually my favorite day of the week, today is going to be more than a little busy with working and cleaning, so I’ll reserve judgment until it’s over, if it’s ok with you!

1. Topping our list is the Home Appraisal. Our Realtor, back in November, appraised the house for a certain amount. We figured it was reasonably accurate and based how much renovations we could afford on that amount. Well, the home appraised for $15k LESS, which gives us $13k less in funds to borrow. This is not good. I was on the phone yesterday afternoon calling two mortgage companies that offer “renovation loans”, where they look at the value of the house AFTER the reno when they figure out what they can loan you. There’s also the option of taking out a home equity loan on top of the 1st mortgage, but man, we JUST got out of all the debt other than our mortgage and I so really do not want to go back IN!

1A: Edited to note that our loan officer called the appraiser and had her add another comparable that they found, which upped the amount on our home, so we’re back to business! Whew!

2. I just discovered the most adorable website, called The Daily Squee. Oh, it just makes you SQUEAL, and Ooh, and Ahh! I highly recommend it if you are feeling grumpy. In fact, I’ll be hopping over there shortly, as I am currently afflicted with that emotion!

3. Bennett and Laura’s gifted testing is finished. Neither one made it. I’m completely fine with that…my attitude about gifted has always been: if they make it, fine. If they don’t, fine. Now we’re just waiting for Catie’s to be done. I have a feeling she’s going to qualify, but again, if she doesn’t it’s no big deal.

4. Friday evenings have morphed into “Pizza and Movie Night”. Depending on our budget, it’s either DiGiorno Ultimate (the closest thing to take out in our opinion) or real take out pizza and a family-style movie. It’s so much fun having the kids be older now and able to watch so much more. Last week was Willow (remember that one?!) and this week is Dr. Doolittle (Eddie Murphy version). Sometimes I find a great one in the $5 bin at WalMart, sometimes it’s a borrow from a friend or family member and sometimes it’s the library. The only downside is that Ethan is completely uninterested. Sigh.

5. Speaking of, Ethan and I had a good time up at Hershey. It took me less time than I remembered to get there (1 hr 10 minutes instead of 1.5 hours), although the ride of accompanied by “are we almost there?”. Dr. Williams was, as always, friendly and welcoming. Ethan was, as NEVER, compliant and cooperative! Our homework for the next six weeks is to give him 4 goldfish (and the like) before each meal and snack to get him to chew more and more. On May 25th we’ll go up again and see if there’s any progress. I fully expect to need to stay there for two weeks in August. And because it’s only two weeks, I’m really ok with that. We can handle two weeks!

6. I’m working again today. It’s been two months at this clients, but it’s a pace that we both can work at. I’m not sure when I’ll be finished–that’s up to her honestly–and I have no clue where I’m going to find another client after her. I really struggle with PR!

7. We’re having two families over tomorrow. Each has four kids. 6 adults and 12 kids total. In our little house and it’s supposed to be cold and rainy. Yikes! Thank goodness we have a basement!

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