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Faith Without Works is…

not worth a whole lot, according to James.

Have you ever had God continually put something in front of you–in all different forms–to try and get His message across? Yeah, that’s been happening a lot to me lately. Specifically, how does my being a Christian actually affect the world?

From where I stand (and apparently, God since He’s poking me), not a whole lot. I’m raising my children in a godly home. That’s important. Very important, and I’m not denigrating that in any way. But I can do that and have an impact on my world, as well. I have 2 months left until the kids are out of school. I’m working a few days/week right now and the other days do have things in them, but nothing that can’t be moved around.

So as of tonight, I’m going to start looking around at where I can make an impact. Because otherwise, well, what’s the point?


3 thoughts on “Faith Without Works is…

  1. You are a worship team leader, you have families over on Saturdays, you work, you have lots of littlies, you are a wife…and you still need more….

    You sound just like me, hahahahahahah….

    blessings as you look for that nich…sp? niche?

    Oh, and where’s that photo you said you’d send me of the cubbies? hahahahahah….

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