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Day of Rest

Jim has a stomach thing and my allergies are really acting up, so we both stayed home from church. That’s actually a Very Big Deal for us, being that we comprise the leadership of both worship teams. I can’t wait to hear what the elders chose to do for worship time.

Having a fairly eventful week here:

Monday is lunch with my mother and sister (which I don’t get to do nearly enough).

Tuesday Ethan and I are trekking up to the Hershey feeding clinic to see what’s in store for him. Tuesday evening the appraiser is coming over to figure out an amount that she thinks our home is worth and then give it to our new mortgage company. We’re hoping it’s the same amount our realtor thought, because if it’s less they won’t give us all the money we want. That would be BAD.

Wednesday and Friday I’m working

Thursday is a dentist appt and I’m really hoping for no cavities.

Saturday we’re having a get together here with two other families that each have four children. 18 people in all.  All the adults like each other and get along and have a wonderful time together. We started doing this last summer and are trying to make it a semi-regular thing. Fellowship ROCKS.

In between all the above I’ll be cleaning and doing laundry etc. Especially cleaning! Having people over is GREAT incentive!

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