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7 Quick Takes Friday

Hello! I’m thrilled to be officially taking part in 7 Quick Takes Friday. Thanks for stopping by. If it’s your first time, feel free to make yourself at home and check out my other posts!

1. Two of my three third graders are taking the PSSA (PA System of School Assessment). Ethan already took the PASA (PA Alternate System of Assessment) and apparently did well. Laura and Bennett are thoroughly enjoying the 6 days of testing because the school has a firm “no homework” policy during it. It sure makes for nice afternoons!

2. The above tests are part of the idiotic “No child left behind” stupidity that former President Bush signed into law. I keep hoping that while he does other, less-than-bright things, the current president repeals NCLB so we can stop teaching to the test and punishing special needs kids who can’t manage to keep up with their peers through no fault of their own.

3. I’m still working about 2x per week and loving it. I’ve been at the current client’s house for about 6 weeks now and we’ve made a huge dent in the organization of her home. It’s such an amazing feeling to know that I had a large part of that!

4. Our contractor came out on Wednesday at spray painted lines on our yard to show where the mud/laundry room and the detached garage will be. He also went this week to get permits. After the years and years of this project being “someday”, the reality is taking a while to sink in. Actual construction should start 2nd or 3rd week in May. We’re going to pick a mortgage company today and start THAT ball rolling as well.

5. Speaking of mortgages, Lending Tree is a pretty neat concept. You email all your information to them and within a few minutes 5 companies email you and then call you. It does get a little busy with being on the phone with one company and another one going into your voicemail! And when you call THAT company, another one goes into voicemail.

6. Currently praying for my client’s cousin. She gave birth yesterday to 24 week quadruplets. They range in weight from 1 lb 2 oz to 1 lb 7 oz. It’s very deja vu looking at the pictures.

7. Spring is finally back after a quick insert of summer. It was crazy walking around in shorts and short sleeve shirts in the first week of April! We’re back to the high 50’s, which seems much more appropriate. After such a stinker of a winter, I don’t want to skip spring!

One thought on “7 Quick Takes Friday

  1. Thanks for participating! These were a fun read. #3 sounds really exciting. Isn’t it amazing how energizing it is to be able to share a gift you have with others (especially if you’re getting paid for it)? đŸ™‚ Happy Friday!

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