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Flip Flop

While looking at houses on Craigslist, which is something I do for fun, I actually found something that looked somewhat interesting. I just came home from seeing it with our realtor.

More than a month ago, we walked away from the idea of moving, instead going the route of adding onto our current home and staying a few more years. We’ve talked to four contractors and are in the process of picking one of them.

Jim thinks I’m crazy. Certifiable. I don’t disagree. But the house was really  nice, had a good lot and even a fully finished basement with a viable in-law suite (full kitchen and full bath) in the basement. That would actually be a problem because we really use our basement. But if you pretend it isn’t an in-law suite and just a finished basement, it’s a good price. It’s a nice house at a good price, something I couldn’t find when I was looking before. Even in our current school district, which is not the greatest.

I just talked to Jim and the agent. He’ll do a drive-by and see if he likes the outside (which he probably will, since it’s very nice). I’m shaking my head at the mere idea of going through this again when we had decided against it, but I don’t want to be dumb, either–we can buy this home for cheaper than we can add onto ours.

Any words of wisdom?


One thought on “Flip Flop

  1. Pray, Pray, Pray, Pray, Pray. There’s five.

    But here’s what I’ll pray for you (the same prayer we’re praying as we boat shop this week):

    Lord, we want to be obedient and good stewards of your financial blessings. If you don’t want us to buy a boat/house, please throw up roadblocks – LOTS of roadblocks. Fill us with doubt. Slam all the doors.

    Lord, if buying this boat/house is within your will for us, please fill us with confidence. Let everything fall into place. Open all the doors.


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