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7 Quick Takes Friday

1. I’m sick. Jim has a sinus infection. I’m pretty sure I have one.
2. I’m so busy with getting ready for Catie’s party, cleaning, making a meal for a church family, and going to Catie’s school that I cannot get to the doctor’s today.
3. I’m hoping to make it there tomorrow during their “walk in” hours of 9-1.
4. I’m being productive today. I have no choice. There’s a lot to do and the party is tomorrow.
5. People coming over forces me to have a clean home. It’s actually a good thing. I love how the house looks when it’s clean.
6. The Byetta is working. I’ve lost two pounds so far.
7. We’re still waiting on two bids from contractors. I’m starting to get slightly annoyed, as one of them was our favorite guy.

May you all escape this sinus thing. It’s rotten.


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