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It’s IEP Season again

I just had Laura’s IEP (individualized education plan) this morning–40 minutes–and will have Ethan’s IEP next week (about 2 hours). If Bennett or Laura make it into the gifted program, they will have GIEP’s (gifted individual ed plan), which I will also attend. With all the paperwork going back and forth, it makes for a busy March each year. I like the IEP’s, it’s a great time to spend with the teachers and therapists and get a real feel for how the kids are doing. Sometimes it’s harder for me with the other two who don’t have IEP’s because I just go on report cards, which are only every trimester.

At the meeting I talked to the principal about putting Laura and Bennett together next year. We’ve done it “their way” for three years and now I want to try it “our way”. I’m sick and tired of the different homework, different expectations, different everything and just want some “same” for them. He wasn’t happy about the request, but we’re not budging. And this time around we finally have the law on our side–Pennsylvania passed a law that the parents get to decide placement of their multiples instead of the individual school districts. Thank goodness!


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