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Hodge Podge

I am vertical again after being weak and feeling R-O-T-T-E-N on Sunday. I literally stayed on the couch all day, missing church and everything. Laura and Catie were both coughing so they stayed home. Since it was easier (let’s be honest!), the boys stayed home as well. Thankfully, with the exception of Ethan, they can pretty much feed and clothe and potty themselves at this point, so it was ok. They pretty much left me alone, knowing that if Mommy was downstairs on the couch, IN HER PAJAMAS, laying down, she had to be sick.

One the few things that Flylady really impressed on me that stuck forever more, is getting dressed to your shoes every day. Every day. If I don’t get dressed, absolutely nothing happens, which is completely fine if I feel horrible.

But, thank goodness, I’m not there anymore. I’m here, upright, and working at about 90% capacity (although fairly happy that bedtime is in 2 1/2 hours for me).

The wonders of Facebook presented themselves anew today when I found my old youth leader from about 1984. The fact that I was even able to come up with his last name was fairly impressive, to both me and my mother. I asked to be his friend and was duly added within a few minutes. We caught up on the last 26 some odd years and now I’ll be able to follow his status updates. What did we do before Facebook? We had to hire private detectives to find old friends/flames/teachers/pastors etc. Now we can just “search” their name and boom, hello!

Have you ever “unfriended” someone? I’ve done it to two family members (of the dramatic kind). Usually I just opt not to see someone’s status updates. After the initial catching up, sometimes there just isn’t a desire to know what that person is having for breakfast, or thinking of the weather or whatever. If you aren’t into minutiae, Facebook is not for you.

Laura has misplaced her DS. This, people, is catastrophic. Even Jim and I have looked for the sucker. We don’t generally let them play with them anywhere outside the house (for this very reason), so it has got to be SOMEWHERE in the house. But I’ll tell you, I have no idea where! I’ve really searched all the good “maybe it’s there” places. Also currently missing: Ethan’s book “Sadie Can Count”. Small enough to be able to fit into an easily concealable place. Important enough to cause crocodile tears when it’s asked for and still missing. Sigh.

I’m making dinner for the mom and dad of the twins this Friday. I’m not much of a meal-maker generally speaking. But I think I have a pretty good dish for them, so I’m less overwhelmed than normal. Their baby has a heart catheterization tomorrow, so if you read this please keep Nathaniel in your prayers. And mom and dad, of course.


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