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Heaven’s Promise

Today Jim and I attended a funeral for baby Nigel. His dad put it perfectly when he said “I got to hold his temporary body, but I never got to know my son.” Nigel was stillborn. His twin brother, Nathaniel, is in a NICU currently and will need surgery this week on a valve of his heart.

The casket was amazingly tiny. When we buried Connor, the casket was inside some sort of special box. And even it looked small. But this was….heartbreaking. The funeral director, who is a good friend who is on the worship team of our church, easily carried it in his hands.

The weather was a mixture of flurries and a tiny bit of rain and a fair amount of wind. Dad spoke. Mom (5 days post c-section) sat quietly or cried. It was a very small graveside service with only family and some friends. I was honored to be counted among those few.

We went back to a family friend’s house for lunch and visiting. Other than Mom and Dad, we knew no one, but everyone was friendly and welcoming and pleasure to meet. We came home, emotionally drained, glad the day was over, but aware that for Mom and Dad, the pain and heartache will continue.


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