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Where Things Stand March Edition

The best laid plans…..instead of this being monthly, it seems to be bi-annually!

Getting Healthy: I’m back on the Byetta and starting Month #2, which means bumping up to the regular dosage from the “get your body used to it” dosage. I threw up before dinner and had some saltines and grapes instead, and thank you, Jim, for cooking dinner because I couldn’t bear the thought of it. I know this stage will pass–it did last time–but it’s going to be me gritting my teeth to get past it.

Education: Everyone is doing well as far as I know. I have both Laura and Ethan’s IEP’s this month. I don’t know where the gifted testing with Bennett and Laura stands, and need to remind myself to call the school about it.

Finances: I am LOVING being debt free!!! I actually put money INTO OUR SAVINGS account this month! Now, some of it has to come out for some things that already came up, but hey, that’s what it’s there for! We’ll be refinancing our mortgage in the next month or two for the garage/mudroom as well.

Spirit: Trying to get back into daily reading again. With not having a regular schedule each day, it’s hard to pick a time and stick to it. And I’m NOT one of those people who can do it before the kids get up or just before bed. Neither one ever worked for me.

Family: We seem to be at the “Mommy may say something, but I’ll argue and debate and negotiate and see if I can change her mind” stage. It’s driving me CRAZY. Ethan has started his mobile therapy at home to see if we can break him of the hitting/kicking thing. Right now the kids are doing some sort of sliding down the stairs and Ethan is playing with them, which is amazing. I love it when they voluntarily include him.

It’s hard to believe we’re already in March! Catie will be 7 in less than two weeks, which also means the triplets are 8 1/2. I’m working 1-2 days per week (depending on the snow!), helping a woman unpack and get her home organized. Last week on Tuesday I unpacked 12 boxes of kitchen stuff and completely set up her kitchen. It was so much fun! Jim is still frustrated with his work, but we are still thankful he is employed. His company recently fired both the CEO and COO the same day.

How are things with all of you?


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