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PMS and Me, a True Story

Alternate title: why my children are lucky to be alive this evening.

I know you gals are thrilled beyond measure when I talk about girl stuff. Like the fact that I ovulated this week. (picture Jim rolling his eyes, because believe me, he is). So, um, once that life altering thing occurs, it’s only a matter of time before I get PMS.

Included in its gifts to me:

1. The ability to literally eat non-stop all day and never feel full. SUCK-O. I always gain weight during these 2 1/2 to 3 weeks.

2. Having the shortest fuse known to mankind.

3. Having once lost my temper, it STAYS lost, slaying everyone in its wake, regardless of guilt or innocence.

So, let me explain. No, is too long; let me sum up.**
A) Snow Day and all kids home all day.

B)Messy house caused by everyone under the age of 9 not picking up after themselves. (side story: Laura asks today if they can get the ‘marble mania’ thingy out. The playroom is so messy you cannot walk in it. Marble Mania? I THINK NOT!),

C) Bennett casually watching TV instead of working on 3 pages of homework because he somehow lost his homework folder in the previously mentioned pit of a playroom. And instead of trying to find it, he immediately gave up and watched Phinneas and Ferb instead. DS lost for a week.


And this is just the beginning–I have a good two weeks left of it. ::evil Vincent Price laugh::

**extra points to whoever can name that movie!


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