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Getting a Clue

I haven’t talked about my addiction in awhile, which is actually a good thing because I like when it stays on the back burner! One thing that I have recently (as in the past four months) become aware of is that my struggling with pornography is tied to my menstrual cycle. Who knew!? Yes, of course, other things make it “flare up”, but there’s a definite correlation between me ovulating and needing to be more careful around the internet and/or needing my accountability partner more.

It’s only been within the past year or so that I’ve become remotely regular (about every other month) and not much longer than that have I been “healthy” enough that I’m not struggling or even falling day to day. My last major “fall off the bandwagon” was Good Friday last year. For me that’s awesome!

All that to say, when I see that I’m ovulating (i.e. NOW), the antennae go up, I email my accountability partner and give her a heads up and I’m much more careful. Which makes for months that go by without me messing up. Which is terrific for everyone involved!

I wonder what will happen when I go through menopause and don’t have that hormonal up and down?


One thought on “Getting a Clue

  1. Something that has helped me in the to remember that everything we do is in the presence of God…He sees it all, He knows it all, He is present in everything…every moment….and the truth and beauty of that has shamed me into quitting activities that I know are either 1. outright sin or 2. displeasing to Him…hormones…ugh!

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