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Waiting on Quotes

We have had three contractors out to look at our house, talk to us about what we want and take some visual measurements. Real measurements are rather impossible right now with the two feet of snow (it compacted and melted a little) outside! One emailed his bid and we are just waiting on the information from the other two before making our decision.

We want:
1. two car detached garage
2. mud/laundry room off the kitchen (next to the garage) with basement underneath that will open into our current basement.
3. driveway repaved

Those are the definites. IF and ONLY IF the cost for the above is low enough, then we will look into getting:
1. new windows
2. new siding
3. new roof
4. new front walkway

We have a figure in mind for what we want everything to cost. Contractor #1 went about $5k over that, which would probably still be ok because our figure was just pulled from the air. 😀
Doing these things would allow us to stay here for at least a few more years, barring anything happening with Jim’s mom.

The only bad thing I can foresee is that the one guy said it would take about three months to do the work. I can’t imagine life being upset/interrupted/messed up for three whole months!


One thought on “Waiting on Quotes

  1. I know you are smart and probably already know this but make sure and check them out with the BBB, Better Business Bureau in your state and ask for references of people they have done work for…to many horror stories out there…but it sounds like great fun!

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