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Weather Woes

Last Saturday we got somewhere between 24 and 28 inches of snow dumped on it. We (and by we I mean Jim) dug out. The sun shone. Our driveway dried.

And then today happened. It’s Tuesday evening and it’s snowing again. Sometime between now and this time tomorrow we should get between 12 and 18 inches of MORE SNOW. With blizzard conditions.

Um, God? I know you like my children. I like them too most of the time. But you know, all this time together experiencing “togetherness” is not such a good idea. If you like my children enough to want me to SEND THEM TO YOU, it’s working.



One thought on “Weather Woes

  1. Funny! We are not on each other's nerves yet…but it is only 10:10 am. I can see a nap in our near future. We've shoveled once but I know the big part is coming by 1:00. Good luck with your "dig out".

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