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It’s Working! It’s Working!

Day #3 of Byetta and I’m starting to notice it. Felt that lovely nausea, but also complete lack of hunger. I ate about 1/2 of my lunch because I knew I should, not because I was hungry. That’s good in my book!

For the sake of complete honesty, and because I want to track it, my starting weight is 154. (when I started almost two years ago it was 165, and I never went higher than I am now).

After the two hour delay (snow), I went and saw four houses. I actually LIKED one and sort of liked another. House #3 was on a huge hill and #4 was….um….very personalized. Apparently the female of the home called herself The Priestess and the male of the home loved her. How do I know this, you ask? Because they wrote it in chalk on the chalkboard paint they used on the soffet in the kitchen! Euuuuuu ::shiver:: I don’t want to know that!! They also had two very loving black cats, two very barky dogs and a parrot. Oh, and a sign warning that one of the barky dogs bites. And it was not in a cage/crate. Ummm…NO Thank You!

I’m not sure what we would do even if we actually liked one of these houses. It’s not as if we could put in an offer since our home isn’t on the market yet!


2 thoughts on “It’s Working! It’s Working!

  1. Just spent a few minutes catching up on your posts. House hunting and a NEW JOB?!! How exciting is that?! Excellent on the weight loss! I'm stuck and can't seem to break 180, so GOOD FOR YOU!!!! And SOOOO glad the mammogram came out well. I'm due for one this month myself. PinkGirl tells everyone that Kristen Chenoweth is her "role model." Ever since she saw the "Popular" youtube video from Wicked, she's been obsessed. We're taking PinkGirl to see Wicked in Tampa, Florida on Valentine's Day.

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