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Top Ten Tuesday

On this sicky Tuesday, where I sent one to school, unsure if it’s the right choice and kept another home, sure that it WAS the right choice, here are:

Top Ten Foods I Would Totally Make Out With, If Making Out With Food Was Even Remotely Possible

1. Roast Beef Hoagie. With the proper roll. This is NOT something from Subway, people. I live near Philly. We use good, chewy Italian rolls. With rare roast beef, provolone, OIL (because mayo makes it a sandwich), sweet peppers, lettuce, tomatoes and no onions. YUM. And sorry, that is the last picture I will be putting in. Blogger sticks all the pics at the top and then you have to figure out how to get them down lower.

2. Chicken cheesesteak with fried onions, mushrooms and ketchup. Yes, I know people from Philly are rolling over in their graves. But the chicken part of the cheesesteak is a little better for you and VERY yummy. And I love mushrooms! And if you go too far west, forget about it. They don’t do the rolls right.

3. My sister’s pumpkin chiffon pie. When my sister makes it, which is only about once every five years, it is SO TOTALLY WORTH IT.

4. 71% cacao Divine chocolate bars from Africa. Fair trade chocolate. GOOD chocolate. Found at 10,000 Villages Store.

5. Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream. Especially Turkey Hill Choco Mint Chip ice cream.

6. Chocolate Chip cookies. Not crisp. Not cakey. Chewy, soft, almost underdone.

7. Combo deal here: Panera Bread’s Fuji Apple Chicken salad (minus the Gorgonzola cheese) paired with their chicken noodle soup (which is very thick and yummy).

8. Rocco and Anna’s Eggplant Parmesan.

9. Fresh, out of the oven, BREAD. Any kind, but especially doughy, soft white bread. We eat WalMart’s whole wheat bread for everyday, so fresh white is a special treat.

10. Something I cannot eat anymore and therefore wish I could eat very much: Grilled Cheese Sandwiches. My body just cannot tolerate that much fat at one sitting (even low fat cheese and lite spread). But oh, the good ooey gooey melty cheesey goodness of one!

Thanks Jenni! This was fun!


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