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Germ Warfare

The germs are attacking our home. Right now the casualty list is three down, one wounded and two still fighting. Jim and Laura have a bad cold. Bennett has a cold and a stomach bug and keeps running for the bathroom. Ethan has a cold, but is able to go to school and Catie and I are somewhat healthy.

Makes for a lot of empty tissue boxes.

Just today I started Byetta again. The weight, which had been fairly stable, started to creep up in January (PMS eating never went away!). I’m on 5 mcg for 2-4 weeks and then bump up to 10. And, oh, I’m just waiting for the morning-sickness-like nausea to hit. I know it’s going to and dread it when it does. But the results are wonderful–I’m hoping to hit the mid 140’s or better.

Over the weekend Jim and I talked quite a bit about househunting and finances. Just because the bank would loan us 1/4 of his take home pay per month doesn’t mean we should accept that much! The end result is that we changed our parameters, lowering the amount we are willing to pay as well as the amount of acreage we are willing to settle for. It feels good!

So now I’m off to clean the kitchen, do laundry and grocery shopping and take care of some sickies.


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