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About the Ta Tas

So who knew you could manipulate breasts into so many different positions just to flatten them? Seriously, that tech was amazing. And THANK YOU JESUS that it was a woman, because NO WAY would I ever let a man do that to me! And no, nothing HURT. There were certainly moments I was uncomfortable, but nothing–NOTHING–unbearable. So if you are putting off getting a mammogram because you think it will hurt, I promise it doesn’t!

After four films on one side and three on the other (in addition to the original two on each side from Monday), I was told that everything looked good, but that they still wanted to do the ultrasound on one spot. It was “thickened”, which is how it felt during my self-exam. The ultrasound was quick and only weird when they had me lie on my side while using the wand on the top of my breast. That felt uncomfortable. The tech agreed that even through the wand she could feel the bumpiness of the spot I was talking about. It ended up being just some dense tissue. ALL GOOD!

Thank you everyone for the prayers and well wishes. It will be good to go back to normal life and let my breasts become just another part of my body again.


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