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7 (8?) Quick Takes Friday

1. Between Ethan’s weenie and my tata’s, it’s been a big week here at our house! Everything’s fine, he went back to school today and I’m back to the normal chauffeuring of my MIL to doctor appointments. It’s GOOD!

2. Out of the blue one day on Facebook I found two friends that know each other. Their lives would in NO way intersect, so I posted “how do you two know each other?!” Yes, I’m nosy! Turns out that one is moving into the other’s neighborhood. And that one wants to HIRE ME! WooHoo! I’m going to be working as of next week!

3. To remind myself of just how much I love organizing…oh, ok, because it REALLY needed it, I cleaned out the corner cupboard in our kitchen. 1st shelf: medicines and vitamins. You could not BELIEVE how much I threw out! Stuff that expired in 2007! 2nd shelf: spices and cat medicine. Threw out some more stuff. 3rd shelf (because he is so tall!), Jim’s meds, first aid bin and pool testing kit (odd place, but it works for us!). More throwing out of really old stuff. I completely emptied out the first shelf and wiped it down–it was brown and gross from stuff spilling over the years. ::shudder:: It looks AMAZING now! As I told Jim this morning, organizing has its own reward–you get to enjoy the results afterwards!

4. We’re going back for another look at a house we had looked at back in December. As time passes and nothing new appears on the market, our ideas of what we can accept are changing. I’m not saying we’re going to put in an offer on the house, but taking another look is maybe a step towards that.

5. On the way home from my tests yesterday, I stopped in to the Habitat Home Store. I’ve been searching for a vanity for our hall bath, completely unwilling to pay retail. I’ve been there about a half-dozen times looking, but have never found something that worked for us. I had Ethan with me and really only had about 10 minutes. I looked back in the “bath” section and there wasn’t anything. On my way out, I passed by the kitchen cabinet section and lo and behold! There it was! The perfect vanity–right size, nice condition, already white even! However, no price. And I really needed to get out of there. So I called out “How do I get a price on something?” (yes, I’m that person!). Someone came over and said “It’s half off of its price–we’re having a sale.” The price? $25! Half off, including tax? $13.25!! I figured I’d risk it even without Jim’s approval! (I called him and said “I hope I didn’t just make you angry with me!”) I’ll pick it up either today or tomorrow depending on how the timing works out. Man, I love a good deal!

6. Back in November, Jim gave me a massage gift certificate for my birthday. 2 1/2 months later I’m finally going in tomorrow to get one. I’m really looking forward to an hour of having someone just rub the aches away. I LOVE living one mile from a spa!

7. Winter is back. We were up in the 60’s last week–it was surreal for mid-January. Today the wind chills are in the single to low double digits. While I’m not thrilled, it will certainly make me appreciate Spring more when it shows up in two months.

8. If any of you readers are not already followers of Kate, I encourage you to pop on over to her adoption blog. She has 7 beautiful children, ranging from 3-18, and she and her husband have decided to adopt two more beautiful girls from the Ukraine, both of whom have Down Syndrome. If you feel led, you might want to consider contributing to their adoption fund.


One thought on “7 (8?) Quick Takes Friday

  1. YAAAAYYYY…I am so glad everything has worked out well and you both are healthy…what a relief!And congrats on the vanity…I know the joy of a good, blessed find!!!!

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