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Poor Little Ethan

Last night Ethan was getting himself ready for bed…this is fairly new, having only begun during the Christmas break. He goes upstairs, changes his pullup and will climb into bed. Of course he has to get back out so we can put pajamas on him EVERY SINGLE NIGHT but there’s no explaining that to him.

So, the other kids come running down that “Ethan hurt himself!” and we immediately ran upstairs to see him putting on his pullup sobbing. Ethan does not cry. Seriously. DOES.NOT.CRY. So we knew he must have been in excruciating pain. “Where does it hurt?” no answer. Come on, buddy, show us! Finally we discern it’s his penis. Somehow he managed to shut the dresser drawer on it.


It looked AWFUL. Red, purple, swollen…..we felt so bad! Called the pediatrician’s after hours service, who called back within two minutes (quickest time ever). Motrin, ice (yeah, NOT!), check for problems urinated or blood in the urine.

Fast forward 10 hours.

I get him up at 6:30 like always. Sit him on the potty like always. No peeing. Not a drop. Nothing in his pullup from last night (which is normal). He’s been up an hour and still…no pee. I called the after-hours service again. She said to pump him with fluid. I gave him a can of PediaSure. He’s now watching Blue’s Clues and jumping on his mini trampoline.

I just checked and HE PEED!!! ::Happy Dance!:: I’ve never been so happy to see a wet pullup!

Keep in mind, this is also the day of the mammogram and ultrasound. Won’t THAT be fun with him there?!


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