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7 Quick Takes Friday

1. Laura did very well in the spelling bee, but did not win or place. She was very nervous before and said she did NOT want to win (didn’t want to go on to another competition), but afterward decided that she was very sad, that she did want to win, and that she wasn’t proud of herself. Awww…we encouraged her a lot and told her how proud we were of her for even going that far. We’ll practice harder next year!

2. We had Ethan’s meeting this morning. Behavioral therapist 2 hours/week and a mobile therapist 3 hours/week. How they are going to fit that all in in just four short days I have no clue. I mean, the kid comes home at 4:30 and goes to bed at 8. In between that there’s homework and dinner as well! Time will, as usual, tell!

3. Just watched Kristen Chenowith’s “Taylor the Latte Boy” on YouTube and the response from a guy playing Taylor. Very cute and worth it. She is one talented woman!

4. We’re looking into getting new counters in our kitchen with some of our tax refund money. Being that we have a LOT of counter space (not a bad thing, normally!), it’s not going to be cheap–and that’s just for Formica!

5. I’m waiting on our bank’s 1099-INT and then I can e-file. WooHoo! This is the earliest I’ve been able to do it. I LOVE getting it done and over with while everyone puts it off until the last second and then panics. Yes, I’m THAT person!

6. My desk is, yet again, a PIT OF DESPAIR. I’ve been piling and piling. Sigh. It’s so embarrassing to admit over and over that I just cannot keep this one area clean consistently. If I didn’t have kids, take care of my MIL, was a deacon or worked on our family finances, well, then, that’d be a different story!

7. Work on the house is SLOW. SLOW, people, SLOW. Like I’m thinking no WAY will we be ready by early March. Sigh again. Why can’t I just call Designed to Sell and have them come over for the week?


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