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7 Quick Takes Friday

Good morning, Ladies! Friday again!

1. It was a very full week for me–I was with Jacki three of the five days, went househunting, and have three kids home today.

2. Well, they’re home, but we have to make a trip to the third ring of hell …, the Exton Mall. We got glasses at LensCrafters two weeks ago. EVERY SINGLE DAY, with no exaggeration, I am bending Laura’s to fix their crookedness. They are going back for a different pair. These are just too flimsy or something. Kudos to Lenscrafters for having a 30 day exchange policy!

3. My MIL is staying at a nursing facility for a bit. She got out of the hospital yesterday but isn’t quite ready to be on her own yet. Sigh.

4. Regarding house hunting, I’ve seen almost everything out there that is in our price range. It sounds like the U2 song…But I still haven’t found what I’m lookin for!

5. The septic system guy is due here in 4 minutes (7:30am). Our pump has been making a grinding/whirring sound that does NOT sound good. I’m hoping it’s a quick but not expensive fix!

6. Trying to type this on an empty stomach isn’t quite the good idea. I’ve been up since 6 and am getting really hungry. When the kids are getting ready for school, I’ve normally eaten by now.

7. We’re no longer in the BITTER cold zone…the 20’s have given way to the upper 30’s and I for one am thrilled! Not a fan of winter to begin with, when it’s really cold all I want to do is stay in the house and do nothing but drink tea and eat soup.


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