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When I was little, I had a best friend named Dawn. She lived three doors down and we played together a lot. Eventually we went our separate directions and got new friends, but as little girls we were very close.

Laura finally has that. A girl in her class, Hannah, is her BFF and they write notes to each other and hang out at recess and just are giggly little girls together. I love it! I think it’s very sweet. What prompted this post is the phone ringing and a girly voice asking for Laura; it was Hannah wanting to talk to her BFF even though they spent all day together at school.

Awwww! My baby/toddler/little precious girl is getting older!!


One thought on “Girlfriends

  1. I remember spending all day with Kimberly then coming home and talking on the phone for hours! The holidays came and went and we didn't call each other. She called me on Wednesday night. It was like old times. Girlfriends! Priceless people that only women can understand and appreciate.

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