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Bible Study Lesson 1 & 2

So I figure the best way to take something away from this bible study is to actually blog about it. That way, when I look back on these entries, I’ll be reminded of the lessons I learned. Because believe me, I promise you, I WILL FORGET. (sidebar: I used to work with a guy who told me I had a mind like a steel trap–I never forgot anything. Once I had children I exchanged the trap for a sieve–nothing ever stays in there!)

So! I got the book a few days ago and started lesson one (I Peter 1:1-3) in Wendy’s while eating a single. It was tasty (no onion, no mayo, no cheese). Peter starts by greeting the church in five cities and talks about grace and peace being theirs in abundance. Elizabeth, who I still think is a little strong on the “fill in the space with the exact word from the passage” talked about the definition of grace (God’s favor) and peace (refers to rest). Her point was that “whatever the trial or test, in it you have no only God’s power but God’s rest.” That’s a pretty good thing as long as we can remember that!

Lesson 2 (finished 1 today and then kept on going) I Peter 1:3-9 talks about our inheritance in heaven (incorruptible, undefiled, not fading away and reserved for us), that we WILL have grief and trials, that our faith is more precious than gold. Her point for this chapter was that we will suffer for our faith. I’ve only recently experienced this (except for a little teasing in high school) and it’s somewhat uncomfortable! She quotes D.L. Moody, which I would also like to do:

“God has settled in heaven certain trails of our faith, which will as surely befall us as the crown of glory be given us at Christ’s appearing. God’s purposes of grace are a golden chain; not a link must be missing. When the devil tries our faith it is that he may crush it or diminish it; but when God tries our faith it is to establish and increase it. Persecution will be to us as the deluge to the ask–a flood to lift us toward heaven.”

She finishes with “so when trials come our way, we can, by God’s grace, but on God’s gentle and quiet spirit, refusing to create disturbances and bearing with tranquility the disturbances caused by others.” My comment in the margin? HOW I SHOULD RESPOND!!


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