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Bible Study

I had to go and pick up bulletins for our church today over in Ephrata (that’s Ef-rah-ta for you non-PA people!). There’s a good-size Christian bookstore/homeschooling/scrapbooking/whatever you might be looking for kind of store called Ken’s Educational Joys. Not exactly a terrific name, but whatever. While there, I found the next book I’m going to use for my personal bible study.

Remember this post? About wanting to have a gentle spirit, be a Proverbs 31 woman, etc?

Here’s what I’m going to study! Appropriate, don’t you think???

I’m excited. I did her study on James last year and liked it. It was a little on the “fill in the blank” side, but definitely covered what the passages were about and made me think. Hoping to see a difference from beginning to end.

I’m also going to try (emphasis on TRY, people!) to read through my new 1 Year NIV Chronological bible. I’m not going to try to do it in a year (I’m already 7 days behind for goodness sake!) but love the idea of reading through in the correct order to get a better lay of the land (what was going on that caused David to write a certain Psalm etc).

It’s going to be a fun year with God!


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