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Menu Planning Monday

If I’m “good”, I sit down sometime on Sunday and come up with a menu for the week, which leads to the grocery list, which leads to, which leads to me feeling pretty good on Monday morning for my weekly trip to the local Super WalMart. This week will also include our local Weis so I can get a month’s worth of microwave meals for Ethan’s lunches at school. But Walmart is definately where I get the most bang for my buck, if not always the best selection. (Weis completely wins with the array of teas!). This week is a combination of quick and easy

4 M Roast Chicken, rice, mixed veggies
5 T Ziti
6 W Chicken Croquettes, baked potatoes,
7 R Hot Dogs, mac’n’cheese, carrots
8 F Pizza
9 S Thai Seared Shrimp
10 S Crockpot Beef Stew

I’m trying to find the provinance on the Beef Stew. I would SWEAR up and down that I got it from Pragmatic Compendium, but I’ve gone over her site three times and can’t find it! So if I’m stealing, PC, I’m sorry!

We had Ham and Potato soup last night…MMMMmmmm! Definitely hit the spot in sub-zero wind chill weather! As I posted on FB this morning, I wish Canada would just keep their air! We don’t want or need it down here in PA!


3 thoughts on “Menu Planning Monday

  1. That's awesome that you plan meals a week at a time. I just think of what I want to make for dinner as I'm eating breakfast and if I need something from the freezer, pull it out to thaw.I should get more organized in the meals department.'Course, I should do a lot of things! LOLAnyhow, good for you!

  2. Sunday nights, Ladies! Nothing is happening then, so that's when I have the time. Or, if something IS happening then, I do it Monday morning after the kids go to school. Of course, that wouldn't work for you, Kate!

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