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Finally Coming to the End

I’ve been going like gangbusters since early Christmas Eve. This afternoon (27th) is my first chance at serious downtime. I watched Julie/Julia and thoroughly enjoyed it and highly recommend it. Definitely worth it. I remember wanting to see it in the theater, but never got around it (the story of my life with movies in the theater!)

My hosting of Christmas dinner was successful, but I admit to being glad it’s over. When you are in charge of dinner it’s definitely harder to relax and enjoy it–you are much more aware of what everyone wants and needs and it’s your responsibility to take care of those wants and needs. Which, if you think about it, is what I do as a mother anyway!

Jim finished painting the stairs and hallway, so that’s one less thing on the “get the house ready” list, which is depressingly long still. I’m guessing that February 5th is going to turn into March 5th. Pbbbbbtttt.

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