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Christmas 10

A Holiday Meme (copied from One Thing who got it from someone else who got it from someone else…..)

1. Best childhood gift from Santa: A Barbie house that my parents and next-door neighbors made from a stereo cabinet. It had four rooms and two porches (for the speakers). I LOVED IT. Except that I went downstairs at around 4am and saw it. ‘Cuz I regularly did that as a kid. I was obnoxious as a kid, and have only slightly grown out of it since!

2. Best childhood memories: Probably getting up at the abovementioned wee hours of the morning and just looking at the tree and the unopened gifts.

3. Favorite Christmas cookies: I don’t think I have one! I’m not much of a baker, so I make fudge every year and give that to teachers and bus drivers.

4. Icky Christmas memory: The year that I apparently looked through my parent’s closet and found a Ken doll and told my sister what she was getting. I wasn’t a popular child that year!

5. It’s not Christmas without: The annual embarrass everyone at dinner stories. You never live anything down in my family and the same stories are trotted out year after year. Oh, the humiliations!

6. Our Church Service: Hah. I was supposed to be there this morning, but as we had two feet of snow dumped on us on Saturday they postponed until next week. It’s music, both by the worship team, a song by the little kids (which they are doing kicking and screaming, believe me), some other numbers by members of our congregation (including an older gentleman who plays a harmonica), with a shorter message and then a fellowship dinner together.

7. Christmas Pet Peeve: All the pictures of Three Kings visiting Jesus in the stable. Um. NO, PEOPLE, NO! They didn’t get there for a LONG time!

8. Favorite Christmas CD: This is too difficult. I looooooovvvveeee Christmas music (have 659 Christmas songs on my iPod right now!). If I absolutely HAD to pick, I guess it would be Nat King Cole.

9. Real or Fake: Real. Sigh. Needles all over the floor. I like the idea of a fake one, with its lack of searching high and low for the perfect tree while freezing outside, but somehow we keep on with real ones!

10. I spend Christmas Eve: Eating Chinese food with my husband, and wrapping up all the presents. We had Chinese food our first Christmas married, back in 1995. This will be our 15th straight Christmas to have it!


2 thoughts on “Christmas 10

  1. I love it! Maybe I'll borrow the meme. I said maybe. Let's not get too ambitious. I'm on my way back to the couch but I'm now on Amoxicillin. Back to work tomorrow 🙂

  2. I think your tradition of eating Chinese while wrapping presents is soooooo sweet!I agree with you 100% on the 3 Kings mess-up in every nativity set. Jesus wasn't a baby when they got there to see him!TWO feet of snow??? I'm sort of jealous & sort of glad it's not me. I like snow to come, stay a few days, then leave. We never get more than a couple inches, though, which is utterly pathetic!Merry Christmas to you & yours, Tina!!!

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