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7 Quick Takes Friday


2. Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, have you seen our weather forecast? 3-6″ tomorrow, with a possible blizzard for Christmas. It’s going to be an interesting winter, folks! We RARELY have snow before January, and if we get it, that will be three times already!

3. I woke up this morning feeling no-so-great. Upset stomach, headache, don’t like the smell of the living room (incense stick)–it actually feels like morning sickness! No, there’s NO chance, barring a miracle of course, that I could be pregnant. But that’s how rotten I felt. Laying on the couch for awhile, taking a couple of ibuprofin and waiting definitely helped.

4. If you haven’t heard of, I heartily recommend her and her daily emails. She talks about lower-fat/calorie options, makes up interesting recipes and is just generally fun. However, her taste buds and mine apparently aren’t close friends. She heartily recommended Kashi’s Mayan Harvest. On her advice, I finally bought it today for $3.18 ($2 more than my usual cheapy low-cal lasagna). Um….YUCK. I ate it, but that’s about as far as I would go with it. It did NOT look good (kind of like throw up, sorry!), the flavors were either just weird or didn’t appeal to me, and I just didn’t like it. Lean Gourmet’s Lasagna remains my favorite Lite lunch fare, sorry Kashi!

5. I’m so looking forward to having Jim home over the holidays to get some stuff done on the house! Our goal, if I haven’t said it before, is to have the house For-Sale-Ready by February 5th, when our Realtor returns from her RV travels.

6. Given the weather forecast for tomorrow and how amazingly cold it is today for mid-December (low 30’s!), I’m making Easy Chicken and Dumplings tonight. YUMMMMMMMMM! It’s the ultimate comfort food!

7. Ethan is getting his psych eval today for his in-home services. I can’t wait to see what the guy asks him and how he responds. 😀


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