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I am a Bear of Very Little Brain

That’s been my mantra lately. Today it’s especially true because I’m also a bear of very little sleep. I went to bed late and just laid there. For hours. And hours. Thinking and praying, and then thinking some more. I think I got about 3 hours sleep maybe. When the alarm went off, sadly, at 6, I just couldn’t make myself listen to it. I got up a little late and then decided I:

A) didn’t need a shower and
B) would just stay in my pj’s so I could go back to bed when the kids left for school. Of course I’m now dressed and showered, but hey, it was a fun thought!

I don’t know how much is going to get done on the house today with my energy level being this low. And that’s not such a good thing.

2 thoughts on “I am a Bear of Very Little Brain

  1. I was just wondering if I could subscribe to your blog and then there was a comment from you. Ha, I love that!Is there a way?I hate when I am so tired and finally get to bed AND THEN JUST LAY THERE!Happy Thanksgiving if I don't make it back by then. Love T

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