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Make Hay While the Sun Shines

Or, put up your outside Christmas lights before it gets REALLY cold. This is supposed to be the last week of the 50’s. Next week we enter the “ooh, it’s starting to get CHILLY 40’s”

Jim is off this week and we are working on home projects. Today kind of disintegrated a little…we were supposed to work on drywall, but ended up going to WalMart to pick up some new outside lights (two strings from last year were dead) and putting them up. It’s a little bit weird to think that this will, Lord Willing, be our last Christmas in this home. When we bought it we were so thrilled, and so clueless! This next home will, Lord Willing, be our “forever” home–the ones the children will remember when they talk fondly about where they grew up.

If we meet with the lawyer this week, which is our hope, we’ll be able to put our offer in by the weekend. Family Drama is continuing with all its ugliness and awfulness and meanness and everything else you could possible not want. It’s souring what could be such a neat thing.

But, as I said so many weeks ago, if God wants this to happen it will. If it’s not supposed to be, all our attempts to make it so will come to naught. We are praying for God’s will, not ours, in this .

One thought on “Make Hay While the Sun Shines

  1. That's the prayer that never fails…may you have His sweet wisdom each step of the way…and may He give understanding to the family members that are reacting wrongly…hugs gal and blessings,Sarah

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