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7 Quick Takes Friday

1. 5 short weeks until Christmas. I finally started my shopping….normally by now I’m well on my way.

2. I had a fun trip to Home Depot: got some peel and stick squares to see what looks good in the three bathrooms, bought some (wrong size) new cabinet pulls, and had them make a custom color for us to try in our bedroom. Trying to do MY stuff because there’s so much of HIS stuff that I can’t do (e.g. drywall repairs, putting up new drywall). Most of my stuff comes after his stuff, which stinks because I’m raring to go!

3. Other than the rainy day yesterday, we’ve actually been having some really nice weather. The kids have been playing outside, which is good for everyone. Although when they leave the dustpan and brush out there after using them to help clean off the trampoline, well, that’s not so good.

4. We’re spending Thanksgiving at my sister’s house. She and her daughter are both amazing cooks, so I’m looking forward to it.

5. In the “UNFAIR!” category, our next door neighbors rent their home. The owners ran into some financial trouble or something and the house no longer belongs to them. My neighbor and dear friend and amazingly awesome babysitter daughter are being evicted.

6. Why is it that women start to lose the color on the top of their heads as they age, but gain it in the hair around their mouths? I DON”T WANT A MUSTACHE!

7. Nonni’s Decadence Biscotti is one of my special treats that I allow myself. Each is only 100 calories, and they don’t lend themselves to snarfing down the whole package. One is enough. I get them at our local super WalMart, so they are probably found near you. I’m sure their other flavors are great as well, but if Chocolate is available, why not have it?! 😀

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