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On Obedience

When God says something it’s not a conversation on our end. Or, at least, it shouldn’t be. “Forgive” says He. “Do I have to?” whines me.

I never thought I had a problem with forgiveness. I’ve been hurt over the years but always managed to get past it.

But this time I’m struggling. Family Drama that has not been talked about here, in respect for the perpetrators as well as for the victims, has rendered me seemingly unable to comply with God’s simple one word command. “Forgive” says He. “But God!” whines me.

The Bible is fairly clear on this subject. If we don’t forgive others we are in clear disobedience. Even if they don’t ask, we are required to do it.

Yet when I think of calling this person my stomach gets into knots. When I think of NOT calling this person my stomach gets into knots as well. And the longer I put it off the harder it’s becoming. This person was mean. Plain and simple. Mean in such a way that I haven’t experience since high school–20 some odd years ago. And I keep coming up against the immovable wall of God’s command. “Forgive” says He.


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