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Thursday Miscellaneous

I have an appointment today with my new endocrinologist. My old one moved out of state and her colleague moved their old office to a new office way farther away, so I decided it was time to change. Because I love change so much. NOT!

After the appointment I’m going to look at two houses with our agent. While we really like one that we’ve already looked at, I want to get a better feel for the market and see if something else is out there that would work.

Last night Ethan and I went for the intake evaluation for getting services for him. It was long and somewhat boring, just answering a lot of questions. He was not a happy camper and kept asking if it was time to go home. A clinician will be coming out to the house at least twice to observe him in his natural habitat.

We’re having a rash of lying around here. The kids keep thinking they can get away with it and then keep getting caught. It’s frustrating because both Jim and I hate lying and have really tried to emphasize that with firm punishment (lose a DS for a whole week kind of stuff).

Coming back to this much later. My appointment went very well–all my numbers were good except for my thyroid. She’s upping my thyroid medication from 88 micrograms to 100. We’ll see. She was very nice–it seems like she will be a good fit for me.

Neither house was remotely an option, so we are back to just the one that we were originally interested in. Family drama is still intervening, so it’s rather up in the air at this point.


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