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7 Quick Takes Friday

1. I’m still sick so we’ll see just how far down the list I actually get.

2. Three of the four kids had their fall field trips this week. One to a farm and two to a planetarium. Ethan goes to the Please Touch Museum next week. He LOVES that place.

3. Did I mention that I’m still sick? I’m dizzy and weak and coughing a lot. I have a 99 fever, which isn’t much of anything, except to tell me that hey, my body is trying to fight this thing off.

4. In the midst of being sick, I had to take Catie to the pediatrician yesterday for an earache. Generally speaking when she bugs me about it that means she’s got an ear infection. So what does the doctor say? She’s fine. No problems. I dragged myself to the doctor for no reason! I dragged myself home to get her stuff, dragged myself to school and dropped her off and then went home to gratefully plop back on the couch.

5. So far I’m loving being private. No worries about family stuff. Which continues in all its ugliness.

6. Jim’s going to look at a house tomorrow. Both his mom and I like it. We’ll see. We still have all the work on our two homes, so it’s kind of pointless, but it would be great to actually get it.

7. Hey, I made it! So they were short, but still, that’s not so bad for feeling this rotten. I leave you with this final thought: May you not catch what I have.



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