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I’ve known for awhile that two family members read this blog and then pass on information. I found out when I posted about my MIL’s cancer and other family members found out that way. OUCH. So I’ve been somewhat careful about what I’ve posted. Which, in retrospect, is stupid because a blog’s purpose is to be whatever the owner wants it to be. If I want to post about my MIL or unexpectedly househunting or whatever, I should be able to. I wonder what was being passed on about my addiction? Charming…..

So, therefore, I am private. It feels ridiculous, but a lot more freeing. I can understand why my friend Kate has done it in the past.

Ladies (because now I know that my readers are all women!) I covet your prayers for Jim’s family and for us. The accusations are unreal–that we are manipulating Jim’s mom so we can get a bigger house and a free nanny. The names that I am being called are completely nasty. I know that half of Jim’s family really seems to like me. Those are the ones that I’ve spent a fair amount of time with! The others, apparently, NOTSOMUCH. The word “hate” was used. It’s a very ugly word and a very ugly feeling.

My sister, God bless her, reminded me that “they” are not the God of the universe–that He loves me and desires to spend time with me. My MIL, who knows all of this, also reiterated that she and her mom both love me and this situation is ridiculous. Both Jim and I KNOW we are innocent of what they are claiming. But I think this might actually be the beginning of a family break, which would sadden me. You hear about this kind of thing happening to other families, but when it comes up and slaps YOU and your family, it’s shocking.


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