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So I’m Nosy

This week, because our pastor’s kids both have H1N1, we had our deacon and elder meeting at our home. We had the deacon meeting first. Afterwards I went into the playroom (which is next to the living room) to help Ethan do his homework. I had to plug my right ear so I wouldn’t hear what was being discussed. Once Ethan was finished, I hied myself to the office and am occupying myself on Facebook and here because, again, I don’t want to hear what is being discussed.

Well, that’s a big, fat lie.

OF COURSE I want to know what’s being discussed!! I’m nosy and I want to be “in” on things and know what all is going on, even if it’s none of my business. ESPECIALLY if it’s none of my business.

But, um, this REALLY is none of my business. I’m not an elder, thank the Good Lord, and have no business knowing what they know. So I’m fleeing temptation and keeping myself from being able to hear. I just can’t be able to hear and not listen.


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